Games are Dead

This is an analysis of the games industry.

There are 3 main groups in the videogame world:

– Those who play
– Those who sell
– Those who make

– Those who play
We are talking about the gamers here. They are divided in 2 groups, those who play to only one platform or those who play to more than one.

– Those who play to one platform are Casual gamers and Hardcore gamers. Both are ignorant, the former because they don't know and don't want to know and the later because they are victims of their own fanatism, they are blind.

Casual gamers don't have a real interest in games, for them games are just one more distraction among many others like cinema, music or sex.

For hardcore gamers, games are their life, they read online news daily, they debate and fight in forums attacking others machines and defending their platform be it by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo…whatever.

Casual gamers can be forgiven because they are not really interested but Hardcore gamers are just plain fools. They don't know how to distinguish good from bad, they are arrogant and immature. Most pirates fall in this category. With time they get a girlfriend who doesn't allow them to play or they just get tired of all of it and change to the next group.

Gamers who play to all the platforms. They are usually open people, without malice and who really love games. They read the english magazine EDGE. They are informed, buy many original games and debate in forums too. Sometimes they fall into elitism thinking themselves superior to the previous groups but they don't realize that they are just one step above, nothing more. From all the gamers, these is the group that truly enjoys games

Those who sell

These are publishers, journalists and the distributors

Publishers are the people with ties in the industry, they just see games as money and want to get as much as possible. They don't understand what is good or bad in a videogame. They are just the pigs who control the money.

Journalists are divided in 3 groups:
Those who think they are gamers
Those who think they are writers
Those who want to be developers

Those who think they are gamers have ended up working for a magazine after going through all the gamer stages ( casual, fanatic ) until they ended up loving games and wanting to write about them. They don't know how to write but this doesn't matter when the reading public is composed of uneducated hardcore gamers.

Those who think they are writers didn't go through all the stages as a gamer. They use to write before and now found an opportunity to write about something they like. They see the difference between a good and a bad game but they dont know how to do it.

The third group is common in many industries, be it Film with frustrated directors working as Film critics, undiscovered rock stars writing in music magazines etc. These journalists envy developers because they are capable of doing something they would like to do but they lack the talent to do it.

Those who sell are just ants in the industry and don't need any more attention. They just sell.


They are divided in:
Those who don't know
Those who think they know

Those who don't know are pitiful, they work hardly for years in pathetic games, wasting their lifes in something they don't really understand but thinking that they do. With time they end up getting tired of it or they start in some other place without making any evolution.
Some see gamers as inferior to them because they have the technical knowledge but they don't know that this is not the main thing.
Amateur developers fall in this group too because they just copy the games the second group of developers do.

Those who think they know are divided in 2 last groups: those who look more on the technical side and those who look more on the artistic side.
The first think that they revolutionize the industry with their engines etc. They see games as a collection of technical obstacles they have to overcome. They sometimes think that they have an artistic or creative side but these is just because they envy the second group.
Those who look more on the artistic side. These are the bohemians, happy with their original creations. They don't really understand interactivity but follow their instinct. Some think they make art but they are wrong. The problem with this group is that they because they don't understand interactivity they cant break with the norms and they end up making the same game the rest of their lives.

The interactivity industry had a promising beginning, people imagined immense possibilities but with commercialization all this stopped and now has fallen into a deep dark well. Technical achievements and small advances in design is all what games have seen in the past 20 years. In the next 20 we will finally hit the reality in realtime goal and then everybody will have to rethink what is all this interactivity all about.

Every few years we see a new generation of consoles, graphical improvements, input improvements but still nobody seems to understand interactivity.
Playstation 3 or 4 or 5 will not change this, nor Nintendo Wii, Uss or whatever, nor Xbox 360 or 720.
What is failing here is the underlaying understanding, the whole philosophy behind making games. Not being able to see the difference between interactivity and everything else.

If somebody stopped to think for a moment we would be able to see changes, real innovation, games for everybody. We woudn't even call them games because they would be something much more superior.
I hope that in the next decades this becomes a reality.



32 Responses to Games are Dead

  1. UninspiredClaptrap says:


  2. Shiznick says:

    Wow, fun sociological lesson of the day. Too bad it’s full of bs.

  3. sickr says:

    Did you even watch or read this years E3 coverage?

  4. Dave says:

    If you can’t find games you like, you’re not looking very hard.

  5. Somebody needs a hug says:

    So nobody really ‘gets’ it, eh?

    Except you, of course.

    Feel free to rant until your pathetic ego is satiated, but don’t expect your transparently ill-informed whining to generate anything but contempt.

  6. Squirrel says:

    Is English his first language?

  7. Gooney says:

    He forgot one catagory.

    The Elitest Game-Blogger.

    These are people who wish they were either developers or writers. Being neither they spew hate and BS on anyone who will listen, it is nothing more than a manifestation of impotency and frustration with whatever level, raid, or chapter they have most recently failed at in their favorite game. Yes these people are fanbois of the worst sort. Some do have good ideas, but these are often as unrealistic, particularily given the realities of development, project managment, time lines, mile stones, etc.

    Often times these bloggers are entertaining to read, some are even developers themselves but parade in annonymity so that thier bosses dont hear what they really think. Other bloggers are the semi-disgrunteled developers/product strategists or big-brains. These people constantly spew forth brilliant and dare I say wonderful ideas, knowing full well that market realities will always prevent these things from happening. Needless to say none of the bloggers in this category can speak about what they are currently working on, other than self promotion alá Koester. The rest rail away with wonderful ideas that for some damn reason NEVER make it into the games they are making.


  8. Boogery says:

    self-righteous elitist BS

  9. Ah, 13-yr olds... says:

    …so convinced they have all the answers, and everyone else is stupid. I particularly liked the “anyone who knows what kind of game they prefer is GHAY!” element.


    Besides, how can you have a bilious mad rant on the games industry without mentioning the oh-so-modern “reliable profit above all else” attitude of corporations, share-holders and accountants???

  10. Ikey says:

    Wow, this is so full of bullsh*t that it’s hard to read, are you sure you graduated grade two grammar?

  11. greenlightsabers says:

    You know what, I prefer to play on one platform, is a hardcore gamer, and what you’ve just wrote is absolute crap.

    1. I am not ignorant. I have opinions and I’m open to what other people have to say. Why am I not open to your post? Cos it’s BS.

    2. I am not a victim of my own fantasism, cos I can define reality from fantasism. I’ve never gone on a killing rampage a la GTA, or pretended I was some elf a la WoW.

    3. I am not a fool. Read point no.1

    4. I know from right and wrong. I wouldn’t go and put a knife to someone’s throat, cos I know that’s wrong and can lead to serious consquences. I am also not immature. I’m in my second last year of school and I am serious in my studies.

    5. Seriously, if you’re gonna post something like this and not back it up with proof, don’t bother. Gamers who enjoy all platforms are fine by me, but that doesn’t mean that they are all opened minded. People like me, who prefer a PC over a console, have obviously got a preference over what they play it on. Thus, therefore, having an opinion. So you have just stated that you’re a hyprocrite.

  12. M.A.D says:

    You siar are full of bull shit.

  13. MindBender says:

    *cheers Greenlightsabers*

    What we have here is a excellent example of ehy stupid people shouldn’t breed……
    The shits deep up in here… *looks for chest waders* *hails passing raft*

    What a ass-clown is all there is to say….

  14. mostwanted says:

    After reading all the comments why bother read what u have to say……..

  15. Lilmojo says:

    “Technical achievements and small advancements in design are all games have seen in last 20 years”

    lets see 20 years ago we had gauntlet *elf needs food badly* *warrior is about to die*, 10 yard fight *old school football game* and now we have World of Warcraft…. and games like Oblivion, Battlefield 2, Vanguard Saga of Hero’s.

    Yeah definatly baby steps there in design, and thecnical acievements.

  16. Dooley says:

    It was going strong until the end… then you yourself realized you’re just ranting and have slipped into that elitist category. It’s unavoidable, but them’s the breaks.

    Now here’s something to consider:
    Nascar racing professionals strive everyday to make a car go faster without sliding around the road.
    Developers everyday are trying to coax the most money out of a project that will be fun to make. Unfortunately, money and fun don’t mesh.
    You spend money, to have fun. Period.

    That said, Developers have a helluva time balancing the fun, with the time constraints involved in developing. Meanwhile, all us ‘fans’ will be more than happy to point out why the car is sliding around. Sometimes with furious opposition.

    Nascar professionals, everyday, are working on the same car. The same car that has been through countless laps, around an oval track.
    When people stop driving the damn car, around the oval track, then maybe the games undistry will evolve, and monkeys will fly outta my butt.
    Until that day, I suppose we’ll have to suffer the indignities of a 3D Pacman adventure game.
    Good old moneymaking spin offs.
    They have these in TV as well.

    Thanks for the article… but you’re not pointing anything out that we don’t already know. And the people who don’t know, will never know, because they really don’t care… they just want to play the next game. Despite all the ‘shortcomings’ that we see… and they don’t.

  17. Qwerty Maniac says:

    Totally agree with Greenlightsabers.

    You even played any game for the past 20 years? Heard of Half Life 2 or Doom 3 or even F.E.A.R ? I fear not…

    And you say in your own-submitted Digg article that its not for kids to read eh? You sound like one yourself…

    Whats interactivity in your sense? Define it if you really want to mean something… Jus dont say “Interactivity is missing! OMG, Games are dead”… You might be playing a zombie then.

    And dont blame developers for any thing whatsoever unless you are one yourself… you prolly dont know how hard its to think to code do you?
    Personal genre choices differ for each gamer, if you dont like a game then do as Dave said, search harder. Just dont squat and cry over the wordprocessor that “No game is good, the whole community is dying! waaah!”

  18. ruke says:

    The text in this article is a larger waste of hard drive space than the post I am making now. It is all broad generalizations with no substance. If you want to make an impression I suggest calling out developers, platforms, and titles by name. Expecting people to play all sorts of games/genres on multiple platforms is retarded. Most working people barely have time to slip in time on one or two games of a genre that they really enjoy, and not everyone enjoys the same thing.

  19. lithgo says:

    I think the real reason people are annoyed is because it starts off general with just three catagories and then suddenly comes down extremely specific, eg dividing different ‘social groups’. Thats probably not justified and is a logical jump that will polarise opinion between those who agree and those who don’t.

    I think the nature of the comments that have been left are quite telling about the games community.

  20. Mad says:

    this guy’s intense. he must have stayed up all night reading other peoples blogs and trying to form his opinion into what some other elitist videogame guru typed already. this guy is so stereotypically “scene,” it’s incredible.

  21. lithgo says:

    I meant to add “…but people are entitled to their opinion, surely, and I’m not criticising him”

  22. some kid says:

    You do know that you are one of the biggest pillics I have ever seen?

    P.s tell your mum to pay me from last night and to stop calling me, im no a machine you know

  23. Ðïħ¢ä® says:

    What a poser! If it’s anything I hate it’s people who overanalyse any and everything just to look good for others. That blog was totally unnecessary. No one thinks you’re smart, you only ended up making yourself look like a douche bag. I’m seriously sick of people who just have to comment on everything “at a deeper level” to gain respect from others.

  24. kaiser says:

    hi guys (and girls! no? ok, as usual in gamers communities).

    i read the following: “Casual gamers don’t have a real interest in games, for them games are just one more distraction among many others like cinema, music or sex.”

    AND I LAUGHED OUT LOUD! but hell! i can´t remember if it was ´cause you call sex just a “ditraction” (you must really have bad sex), or because of the sentence, that made me think, that you never had sex. People, i just came across this page over a wordpress-link. this is really a inside-the-gamers-world-community. open your curtains, let some light in (or try to go out. you are no vampire and wont melt in direct sunlight) and talk to some girls. byebye. and, by the way: the discussion is really senseless. the author wrote just his opinion (and is really right ni most of his points).

  25. Closed Minded Fool says:

    Sorry for being too hard core by only having a pc.
    Maybe I should go and buy some consoles to earn you respect.

  26. Qwerty Maniac says:

    Yeah, and spend the rest of our lives disconnecting and reconnecting different consoles 😛

  27. James says:

    …Because obviously being able to write means you either aren’t a gamer or aren’t a good writer. And those who only play on one console are either ignorant or elitist. Huzzah for sterotypes.

    Games are dead! No good game has come out in the past ten years!

  28. The DooD says:

    Yeah, this is aload of BS, and you obviously haven’t met many hardcore gamers, or even many gamers except maybe casual ones. I’m in a gaming clan, and there are people aged from 15 to 50 who are all very serious (not immature), not at all ignorant (well maybe some of them, but that’s just their attitude towards other people, and also, I play games so I can basically pretend i’m in a spec-ops squad, or i’m and evil invisible monster brutally murdering people, that’s what games are mostly about, escaping from reality to do something you can’t do in real life! This is such a crap thing, i’ve never heard of any journalist thinking they’re games or wanting to be developers, that’s why they’re a journalist and not a developer! What A Load Of BS

  29. […] I read this yesteray (writen years ago but just published). Far too provocative to be heard but I felt like the guy had something right. The video games world is made of alot of people doing a lot of things around a central pillar. But none of them have common visions or goals. […]

  30. I´d rather chew a slug than agree with you says:

    Oh now I´m sorry that I don´t know the difference between good and bad that I´m a victim of my own fantasism and that I´m blind just because I´ve only got a PS2 and I enjoy gaming, but this is the first discussion I´ve been in online about gaming and I don´t think that the PS2 is the best console, i´ts just the one that i bought´.I won¨t accuse you of being arrogant because I´m not an elitist ignoramus that believes I am the only 1 that can see the faults of the world ¬(if only everyone was like this!) Stereotyping is not a crime or a sin but it is a sign of maleducation and elitism. Just because some people are like that doesn´t mean that everyone is. Get your facts right.
    P.S. I´m thirteen and iI have an IQ of 130 so don´t assume that the youth of today is a deranged mob lost in their own fantasies.

    *big up the Anglo-hispanicos*

  31. I´d rather chew a slug than agree with you says:

    which category are you in?

  32. Pacman says:

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